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European Parliament agrees on redistribution of UK seats

The European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee voted on Tuesday on a plan for the redistribution of the UK’s current seats.

Britain’s quota in the 751-seat legislature is 73 Members of the European Parliament.

The plan envisions redistributing 27 of these seats to member states, holding 46 on reserve to be elected by a Pan-European constituency, in line with a proposal of the French President Emmanuel Macron. The plan remains thin on detail and is unlikely to be implemented by the forthcoming European elections in 2019.

The 27 seats will go to France (5), Spain (5), Italy (3), the Netherlands (3), Ireland (2), Denmark (1), Estonia (1), Croatia (1), Austria (1), Poland (1), Romania (1), Slovakia (1), Finland (1), and Sweden (1). The vote passed with an overwhelming 20-to-4 vote, with the Polish MEP Danuta  Hübner suggesting there was a hard negotiation.

First published in New Europe: January 24, 2018: